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Some features of this site may not work without it. Management of school resources and the academic performance of secondary school students in Mukono District. Abstract Author Bulima, Noah Wilberforce. Metadata Show full item record. Abstract This study set out to establish the school resource management and academic performance in secondary schools in Mukono district. The study was guided by the objectives of examining the effect of planning on academic performance in secondary schools; establishing the effect of budgeting on academic performance in secondary schools; and, examining the resource management problems in secondary schools in Mukono district.

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Advisors have too much power in academia today and often go overboard in pressuring PhDs and PhD candidates to work overtime. Do your research on your advisor and your work environment and set your expectations accordingly. Many experiments in graduate school involve long hours in dimly lit rooms where you can pass most of the day without any sunlight, let alone social interaction.

As you get close to graduation, or close to transitioning into industry from a postdoc , you must start putting lab work and publications second. This kind of mentor can provide you with the wisdom you need to advance your career and leave academic stress behind forever. Yet, many of these people will act like they know exactly what you should do to advance your career. Stop listening to these people. A good industry mentor can help you create better expectations and help you manage any conflicts that come up for you in graduate school.

Performance Management for Academic Professional and Administrative Employees

By finding a good mentor, you can become aware of new things that will help you stay positive and get out of academia faster. You will complete your PhD and move on to bigger and better things in industry or elsewhere. One way or another, you are nearing the end of graduate school. You have become THE expert in your field. No one understands your specific project better than you. You are intelligent, savvy, and nearly at your end point. A new beginning is right around the corner so surround yourself with the right people and finish strong. I was literally shocked when I read the figure, which denotes the suicide.

9 Ways To Manage And Overcome Academic Stress And Transition Into Industry

Society on the other hand should do something about this, because it is losing its great assets. Indeed it is a shocking statistic. The amount of pressure and uncertainty that surrounds PhD students is all-encompassing and worrying. I do hope there is something that can be done to turn this statistic into a historical figure.

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I know the level of the stress during your PhD career. The path I choose to avoid academic stress is to choose an industry transition and leave academia for ever. And I am very happy with my decision.

I want to thank my industry mentor to help me with that. Thank you! I am happy to hear that you were able to transition into industry and had the help of a mentor. During my PhD, I used to have 3 tips from this list. More anticipation in life, I used to meet my friends and family on every possible weekend. Every night before sleeping, I used to go for a small walk and it helped me to forget the stress of the whole day and refresh me up. And the last is to avoid isolation, this is the important one. Isolation can make you depressed and negative thinker.

So go out and check some friends to avoid isolation. I love the point of going for a walk at the end of the day to clear your head. I agree with the author here, comparing yourself with others is the foolish thing.

Enhancing Academic Performance | Services for Students with Disabilities

It makes you depress and create guilt in you that you are useless compared to them. Compare yourself to younger yourself and you came to know that you gain much more knowledge and lessons compare to earlier. BTW, amazing tips for PhD grads.

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Thank you, Grace! Thanks for the post Cathy.

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  • I like all the points you shared especially No. Personally, during weekly networking events I always try to stick to ambitious people like entrepreneurs, start-up founders, self-employed bloggers, etc. They are always positive and willing to share their success stories and hard experiences in their lives. This helps me maintain a positive mentality in my daily work and toward my future career rather than being stuck in the quick sand full of complaints and hopelessness.

    Such a great idea Chiu-An — thanks for sharing! I definitely feel a renewed sense of motivation when I have returned from a networking event and have made meaningful, positive connections. Thanks a lot Cathy for this great post. Really a very stressful situation. Anyways this post is give some relief. Please add more encouraging posts. God bless you. Thank you JJ for sharing your story — I am happy to hear that you were able to connect with the article.

    My PhD took over five years when I knew many others that completed it in three so it was a constant struggle to tell myself that it was not my fault it was taking so long. I hope you can take some time for yourself during this stressful time and be patient with yourself. Dear Dr. This paper addresses the link between academic performance, expressed in terms of a return-on-assets, and facility management.

    The contribution of this paper is the documentation of facility maintenance and operations organizational structures to include the method of prioritizing routine work and the process of indirect expense spending in support of K public education in the state of Arizona. The authors would like to acknowledge the contributions and guidance provided by the districts participating in the study and to those facility directors responsible for the successful maintenance and operations of those districts.

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